To help provide assistance for less fortunate individuals with the basic necessities such as shelter, food clothing and education. We've got many successes under our belt, but we need more help, and that's where you come in. 
​ While you can volunteer with us directly, even traveling to provide needy families with materials and education, there's much you can do on your own. Contact us to learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating, fundraising, hosting events, campaigning, buying gifts, and involving your school or company.

We exist to end needless suffering

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Over 80 million people in more than 70 countries are fighting hunger. We're here to help. But, it's not simply a matter of providing food to needy areas. It's also important to ensure that it's nutritionally appropriate food. 
Clean water is a necessity of life. But it's actually become one of the most precious resources in the 21st century. In fact, one in nine people live without access to clean, drinkable water. We work tirelessly to help bring clean and safe water to people in developing countries.
Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc.
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Most of us are fortunate enough to have a roof over our head to protect ourselves from the outside elements. But for many people, access to something so basic is beyond reach. Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc. has purchased a Multi-Purpose building in West Africa which will provide shelter for the homeless, food, clothing, training and enrichment for the community.

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can

save lives

by helping to provide shelter, food and clothing for individuals less fortunate than you.
Empty stomachs are very uncomfortable. They break concentration and make the future seem impossible. Giving food is essential to creating health.

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Access to education is a basic human right. It reduces poverty and child labor as well as offer the tools needed to succeed in life. Dr. Lee and Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc. provides financial support for building additional classrooms and providing educational materials for the students of the Agi Awa Bah school in West Africa. 

Swap and Share Community Outreach, Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501 ( c ) (3) tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.Type your paragraph here.


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Agi Awa Bah School in West Africa
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